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International Trademark Registration

You can rely on LEXDIA's professional assistance for:
  • Preliminary research into the distinctiveness of your logo and/or trade name with a view to filing an international trademark application
  • preparation and submission of an application for registration of an international trademark
  • monitoring of a registered international trademark and renewal of an international trademark.
International trademark registration provides you with the opportunity to obtain protection for your brand in over 120 countries. The proceedings are taking place before the World Intellectual Property Organization. International trademark registration takes place in one proceeding even when protection is sought in multiple countries, and fees are paid in one currency - Swiss francs. Before filing an application for international trademark registration, that trademark must already have been applied for or registered in a given country or the EU.
We at LEXDIA will provide you with comprehensive preliminary research of your logo and brand, build a strategy for the most appropriate way to register your international trademark, and assist you with efficient and quick actions at every stage of the registration process.

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