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The LEXDIA team can assist you with:
  • Bulgarian patent application
  • European patent application
  • International patent  application (PCT application)


Any new invention that has an inventive step and is industrially applicable can receive protection by filing a patent application. A patent is a valuable asset for any business focused on innovative technologies.

Regarding the territorial scope of the protection, several proceedings for the granting of a patent differ:

  • Bulgarian Patent Application before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria will provide you protection for the patented invention on the territory of Bulgaria.
  • European Patent Application- filed with the European Patent Office (EPO, in English: European Patent Office/EPO) will provide you protection on the territory of the European Union.
  • International Patent Application (PCT application)- filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)- the procedure gives you the opportunity to start national proceedings in almost any country in the World.

The costs and duration of each patent proceeding vary greatly, so choosing the right form of protection can prove to be of great importance in the development of a high-tech business.

Patent proceedings are accompanied by plenty of formal requirements regarding the description of the invention, the patent claims and the drawings, as well as many deadlines. Hence, the assistance of a professional representative will save you time, cost and effort.

The LEXDIA team can assist you in preparing the necessary documents for the application. Regarding international procedures, we have partners that you can trust with the international protection of your invention.

We can also assist you in the patent monitoring, tracking and payment of annual fees for maintaining the patent validity, proceedings on changes and corrections for already filed patent applications and all forms of protection against infringement of your exclusive rights in a granted patent.

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