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LEXDIA can prepare for you:
  • All types of contracts and commercial transactions;
  • Amendments and changes to documents drafted by your business partners.


LEXDIA offers assistance and professional advice in the conclusion of all types of contracts and business transactions in Bulgaria. Our services comprise both the careful selection of a suitable type of contract and providing thorough information on its legal consequences, as well as the drafting of the necessary documents. Of particular importance here is the careful checking and editing of the legal documents proposed by your business partners, as those often do not protect your best interests.

All our services in this area are built in a comprehensive way - we will inform you about the effect of the legal actions at hand, and when we consider it necessary, we will provide you with information about other options which would better secure the goals you pursue.

Our activity focuses on transactions from the daily commercial turnover, for which the assistance of a lawyer is required, such as:
  • Commercial sale (distance sale, pay-off sale, etc.)
  • Lease agreement
  • Rental agreement
  • Donation contract
  • Loan agreement
  • Pledge agreement
  • Service agreement
  • Consortium / civil partnership agreement
  • Contract for commercial representation
  • Commission contract
  • Forwarding contract
  • Bank loan agreement
  • Bank guarantee
  • Securities transactions
  • Promissory note
 We will provide you with the necessary assistance in conducting negotiations with your partners and we will legally ensure the achievement of the business results you expect.

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