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Subscription Legal Services

Very often, subscription legal services prove to be a particularly valuable service for businesses with a constant need for legal assistance or a predictable volume of monthly legal work. This type of lasting relationship between you as clients and us as lawyers allows for a highly individualized approach to your cases and excellent knowledge of the day-to-day needs of your business.

Our main goal in the subscription legal service is to identify and solve not only the problems you address us with, but also to outline any other risks unknown to you and to summarize the regulations that govern your type of business activity. In addition, we will undertake to carry out ongoing monitoring of your activity, advise you and offer our vision regarding the contracts you enter into. In this sense, subscription legal service is a service far more complex than performing the tasks you set for us.

The subscription legal service is especially valuable for businesses in the process of construction, which need to be provided with an appropriate legal framework of internal acts, as well as framework contracts and all other legal instruments to ensure their successful entry into the market in a short period of time.

What we offer

When building individual offers for subscription legal services, we are guided entirely by your needs, offering many flexibly organized options that are subject to subsequent changes and do not commit you for unpredictably long periods of time. We perfectly understand that the relationship between a lawyer and a client is built on the basis of trust and professional attitude, which is why, of course, we will provide you with enough time to appreciate our approach to our joint work.

We await your inquiries and are ready to offer a legal service model suitable for your activity!

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