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Utility models

Utility models

Trust LEXDIA for:
  • Utility model registration before the Bulgarian Patent Office
  • Renewal of registration of a utility model
  • Proceedings on changes and corrections for utility model registration applications
  • Protection against infringement of the exclusive rights of the owner

Utility models

Utility models, also known as "small patents", are valuable assets for high-tech business development. Registering a utility model is much faster and cheaper than patent proceedings. The invention is registered as a utility model without expensive examinations after a formal compliance check.

The procedure for registration of a utility model begins with an application filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. Successful registration can be obtained within one or two months of the application filing.

The assistance of a professional representative in the registration procedure ensures the rapid and efficient fulfilment of the formal requirements regarding the description of the invention, the drawings and the claims that determine the scope of protection.

We at LEXDIA can provide you with professional assistance, both in preparing the necessary documents for the utility model registration application and in the proceedings for the extension of the utility model registration validity, changes and corrections in already submitted utility model registration applications and all forms of protection against infringement of your exclusive rights in a registered utility model.

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