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Real Estate

Real Estate

LEXDIA offers you professional assistance in:
  • Analysis of real estate ownership;
  • Drafting of preliminary contracts and property deeds regarding the purchase and sale of real estate;
  • Contribution of real estate to the capital of commercial companies;
  • Analysis of the possibilities for carrying out construction, spatial planning and assistance in the implementation of investment projects.

Real Estate

At LEXDIA, we have a special approach to property issues and extensive experience in consulting on real estate acquisition, as well as property management in Bulgaria. We offer a wide range of services that cover both business and personal needs, including all types of legal transactions with real estate, investment in real estate, property management of business premises, as well as private residence acquisitions, division of properties and resolution of property disputes.

You can count on our team for:
  • Legal analysis of real estate ownership;
  • Full assistance at every step in real estate transactions, including participation in negotiations, property ownership verification and preparation and review of all necessary documents, including preliminary sales contracts, property deeds, mortgage loan agreements, etc.;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents regarding the acquisition of real estate by apportioning it to the capital of commercial companies;
  • Assistance in concluding contracts and deeds before a notary;
  • Acquiring real estate by prescription;
  • Legal analysis of spatial planning and legal services in support of the implementation of investment projects;
  • Construction of a comprehensive legal framework for property management - commercial space leases, advertising and event space leases, service contracts, etc.;
  • Protection of property rights and legal representation in real estate litigation.

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