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Оut-of-court Dispute Resolution

Rely on our professional competence in case you need:
  • consultation to build a comprehensive negotiation strategy with your partners or the opposing party in a dispute;
  • professional representation in negotiations on your behalf;
  • assistance in rescheduling, postponement, or set-off of debt;
  • assistance in taking actions against your debtors;
  • drafting a notary invitation to your debtor;
  • drafting or reviewing an out-of-court settlement or agreement.
At LEXDIA, we take a particular view on dispute resolution, always striving to ensure that negotiations between the parties proceed smoothly and lengthy litigation, as well as big expenses, are avoided. In our work, we prioritize the implementation of out-of-court mediation procedures and the signing of agreements to protect the client's interests, in combination with cheaper and shorter court procedures in order to motivate the opposing party to achieve a voluntary resolution of the conflict situation.

We strongly believe that reaching an agreement with certain mutual concessions is not only a faster method of dispute resolution but also often a more adequate solution to the problem compared to litigation.

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