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European Union Trademark Registration

LEXDIA can provide you with the professional assistance in:
  • Trademark preliminary research into the distinctiveness of your logo and/or trade name
  • Preparation and submission of an application for trademark registration in the EU
  • Protection in the event of opposition against the registration of your trademark in the EU
  • Filing an opposition to the registration of a trademark similar or identical to your trademark
  • Monitoring of a registered trademark in the EU and
  • Renewal of an EU trademark
Trademark registration in the EU ensures the protection of your brand on the territory of all EU member states. The procedure for registering a trademark in the EU begins with the submission of an application for registration to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Of great importance for the successful registration of a trademark in the EU is the professional preliminary research into the distinctiveness of a given logo or trade name and the correct analysis of the risk of objections (oppositions) against the registration or refusal by the competent authority.

We at LEXDIA, as registered Intellectual Property Representatives, can assist you at every stage of the EU trademark registration when filing oppositions against registered trademarks and in the proceedings for the renewal of your EU trademark.

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