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Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations

The LEXDIA team is qualified in the field of:
  • Registration of associations and foundations;
  • All kinds of changes in the structure and activity of associations and foundations.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit legal entities, colloquially better known as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in Bulgaria are of two types - associations and foundations. As can be judged from the term, this type of entity is intended to develop an activity that does not aim at the distribution of profit among the participants.

When choosing the right type and organization of a non-profit legal entity, a number of fators should be taken into account, such as the requirements for a minimum number of members; the choice of activity for private or public benefit; the special requirements for the expenditure of the finances and property of NGOs developing activity for the public benefit; the possibilities for using state support for public benefit activities and others. The LEXDIA team can assist you in creating a Bulgarian non-profit legal entity which suits your purpose. Our services include:
  • Consultation regarding the choice of the type of NGO;
  • Preparation of the founding documents;
  • Submission of the application in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities;
  • Convening and holding of general meetings of the members in a non-profit legal entity;
  • Changes in an already established associations and foundations.

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