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LEXDIA can prepare a complete GDPR package of documents, including:

Internal rules for the protection of personal data, together with all personal data registers, declarations and attachments thereto;
Annexes to employment contracts and changes to job descriptions of employees with access to personal data;
Agreements with external service providers processing personal data;
Adapting your commercial contracts to the legal requirements for the protection of personal data.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has introduced a number of obligations for Data Controllers, which go far beyond the publication of a Data Protection Policy or Privacy Policy on a trader's website.

The complex regulation of the Regulation foresees an obligation to keep a number of Registers for the processed personal data of employees; customers; job applicants; personal data processing activities as an administrator; personal data processing activities as a personal data processor; requests from personal data subjects; security breaches, etc.

The maintenance of these Registers requires additions to the contracts and job descriptions of the employees who have access to personal data and the creation of a number of application forms through which the subjects of personal data have the opportunity to exercise their rights provided for in the advertisement.

Each Administrator of personal data, on whose behalf another person, the so-called A processor of personal data, carrying out activities of collection and processing of personal data, should have previously entered into an agreement under Art. 28 of the GDPR, which sets out appropriate technical and organizational measures regarding the personal data processing activities carried out by the Personal Data Processor.

We at LEXDIA can prepare a package with all the necessary documents for your business, which will allow you to continue to develop and expand your activity in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, without the introduced rules creating difficulties for your daily business operations.

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